Letter to those struggling with a mental illness

To those struggling I just wanted to say that you are soo strong. You may feel weak at times but everyday you are all fighting against yourselves and you are surviving. You are surviving things meant to destroy you and you are coming out stronger than before. I am so proud of all of you. To those having a hard time… I know that life seems rough right now. You might be feeling worthless or hopeless but never give up. The storms of life will pass. It may seem like happiness and peace is out of reach but trust me it is just around the corner.


Kindness Towards Others

Let’s talk a little bit about being kind towards others. It is often said that we should be kind to everyone as we never know what someone may be going through. I could not agree with this more. In today’s self-centered society, everyone is always concerned with themselves and not really noticing other people. We can also be SO rude to others without even noticing what we are doing. So many people are struggling silently and being kind to them can mean the world to them.

The Journey Begins

So this is my first post…. I should probably tell you all a little bit about myself and what the blog will be about. To start, I am a psychology major and mental health has always been something that I have been passionate about. In the future I would like to become a mental health counselor of some sort. For now, I will write blog posts. Anyways, mental health is something that I feel like could always use more awareness and the best way to build awareness is to talk about it. Throughout my blog I will cover my thoughts on mental health related things and or things that I learn in my psychology classes. Just a disclaimer, I will probably have some unoriginal material on my blog as I find that many time other people have the same if not similar opinions on a matter as I do and they are a lot better at articulating it. No worries though, I will be giving credit where it is due.

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